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Prompt 33

Title: Sin
Author: Gryvon
Fandom: Original
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: swearing, mild violence
Summary: A small ficlet inspired by watching "Mean Guns". Possibly more to come with this story eventually.


The man in the tailored black business suit looked up. And up and up and then back down again, his eyes roving over the velvet clad body in front of him. He leaned forward from where he'd been lounging against the red leather couch, bright purple drink with a toothpick sticking out of it in one hand while the other reached up to slide orange tinted sunglasses down the bridge of his nose.

"Well, hello to you too, pretty lady. Something I can help you with?"

She smiled, lips painted so red they invited a man to sin quirking up in a playful invitation. Idly, a well-manicured finger toyed with a blonde curl, drawing out the strands and letting them bounce back into tight formation. "I think so," she purred.

Her thighs rubbed together, all but the juiciest bits bared below the short black skirt, as she took two sultry steps forward. Heels clicked against the marble floor as she stopped next to the edge of the couch. When she sat it was like liquid motion, her body flowing down in graceful curves and then her legs opened minutely before crossing, one knee over the other. A hint of red was visible, just barely, underneath her skirt.

"Do you think you can help me?"

"What?" The business man lifted his head to glance once at her face, blue eyes mirroring the slight pout on her lips.

"My date just ditched me, so now I'm all lonely. I thought a guy like you could help keep a girl from feeling too sorry for herself."

The man's entire countenance brightened visibly. "Yeah, I think so." Tossing the toothpick over the back of the couch, he downed his drink in one swig. He stood and held a hand out for the lady. "Why don't we go make you not so lonely?"

Her smile widened, and there was promise in her eyes of things to come as she took his had. There was the slide of skin on skin when she stood and then his hand was placed around her waist. The black velvet was soft against his skin as he led her between scattered tables of the hotel bar to the elevator. She sidled closer as the doors shut and he suddenly found difficulty in pressing the right button, teeth and tongue against the skin of his neck proving a formidable distraction. They ended up stopping at a couple extra floors on the way up. An old lady walked in on them on the seventh floor. The female version of desire curled against his side giggled into his suit jacket at the picture they made, him with teeth marks and lipstick up his neck and her with her skirt riding dangerously high from where his hands had wandered.

They got off on the eleventh floor while the old lady continued upwards. The vixen whispered a comment about the granny going off to meet her secret lover and he couldn't help but laugh along as he swiped the card to open the door to his room. This woman was infectious, both in her laughter and in her lust. He left the door unbolted as they walked in and she separated from his side then, dancing ahead of him in her dangerously pointed heels.

"Mmm. Nice room."

She stopped in the middle of the spacious room, one of the most expensive and luxurious in the hotel. Her eyes were open invitation as she strutted backwards on her heels until she came to the edge of the bed. One finger crooked at him in a come-hither motion while the fingers of her other hand toyed with her curls once more, bringing a lock to her sparkling white teeth. She took the end into her mouth, biting lightly before pulling the strands out slowly. That was all the invitation he needed.

His hands came around her waist and he was pushed down to the bed. She followed, skirt riding up as she straddled his lap but he missed the opportunity to see anything. Her lips and his met in a fire of passion. Tongues slipped through locked lips and he moaned at her brazen desire. His grip on her hips tightened and he forced her down, grinding their pelvis' together as he bucked his hips up into her. An erection was already straining against his pants, growing larger as she gasped breathlessly, her head tilting back and her eyes closed as he brought their hips together again.

Leaning back, he let his eyes wander over her. Ample cleavage made the front of her dress bulge but nothing was visible due to the cut of the dress. A circle of fabric around her neck held the dress up, the back open but solid fabric covering her from her sides down. As he settled flat against the bed, he pushed her skirt all the way up. Bright red panties with lace around the edges were the focus of his vision and he already had his fingers hooked under the straps on the side when his eyes suddenly went wide at the bulge visible in front.

"You're not a woman!"

"And you're not human." His head jolted up to meet too knowing eyes staring down at him accusingly. A snarl transformed his features into a grotesque mask and he shoved with one hand, sending the velvet-clad figure hurdling across the room. She slammed into the far wall, landing hard against the carpeted floor at the same time as two loud crashes were heard.

The door to the room slammed open the same time as a dark figure crashed through the bay windows from the balcony outside. A suited man with a gun stared across the room at a leather-clad man with black feathered wings, both of them surprised by the appearance of the other. After a fraction of a second's hesitation, they turned as one to point their guns at the figure on the bed. What once resembled a normal looking man was now growing and mutating into a green-skinned monster. The creature roared once, his head titled back bonelessly before snapping down again. Two shots rang out but they passed through thin air to embed two bullets harmlessly in the wall behind.


Picking herself off the floor, the velvet-clad figure straightened her dress and stormed out onto the balcony. A green flash was visible on the streets below before it disappeared down a manhole into the sewers. Shrieked curses flew from pretty lips as she stalked back into the room, a delicate fist slamming into the wall next to the balcony to leave a slight dent in its wake.

"You do realize that taking out your frustrations on that wall isn't going to do any good, don't you?" The dark angel seemed to be taking the woman's hysterics in stride, his face a mask of calm stoicism as he clicked the safety onto his gun and slipped it into the depths of his trenchcoat.

"I know. It makes me feel a little better though." She inhaled deeply, visibly calming as she slowly exhaled. Instantly, her eyes snapped to the other man in the room, his gun still out though not pointed at anything in particular. Marching forward, hands planted firmly on her hips, she glared at the man.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?"

Lowering the gun to his side, the man returned the glare with a cold look of his own. They stood faced off, ice against fire, for an instant and then the man reached into his pocket. Metal flashed before the woman's eyes and she cursed, recognizing the badge instantly.

"No, I don't, but you're going to come with me now and explain it all."
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