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Daily Fic

Fic Challenges and Prompts

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Welcome to Daily Fic!

Enjoy getting fic challenges but hate that most communities only post them once or twice a week? Now you've got someplace to get writing prompts every day!

Prompt Posting Schedule: (Effective 5/16/04)
Sunday - 1st line: I'll give a line for you to start your writing with.
Monday - Song lyric: This doesn't require writing songfic (though if you choose to, that's fine), it's just a song lyric for inspiration.
Tuesday - 1 word: Just a word for inspiration. The word doesn't have to be included in the writing.
Wednesday - Grocery list: A list of items or words (probably three) to be included in your writing.
Thursday - Dialouge: One or two lines of dialouge to be included somewhere in your writing.
Friday - Picture: A picture for inspiration. This time, I'll probably mirror the pictures on my own webspace, just in case the link goes down as has happened on previous prompts.
Saturday - Timed challenge: A timed writing challenge in any of the formats listed above, or other.

Here at Daily Fic we welcome any type of fiction in answer to our prompts. Fanfiction from any show/book/ect, as well as original fiction. We take all ratings, we only ask that you rate your fics and warn to let everyone know what they're getting into.

We do have a few rules, so please read them before joining. Not following the rules can (and most probably will) result in you being removed from the community.

1. No trolling and no flame wars. In short, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Criticism is okay, name calling is not. If it sounds like something you'd hear in a playground argument, don't say it here.

That's pretty much the only actual rule. :D

When posting your fic, you can use this format as an outline. You don't have to follow it exactly, it's just to give you an idea of the info you may want to include to introduce your fic.

Summary or intro paragraph or two:

[lj-cut text="whateveryouwanthere"]

The body of your fic.

The only things we ask that you be certain to include is the rating and pairing. It doesn't have to be the exact pairing, just let folks know if it's het, yaoi or yuri.

The lj-cut tag is required on fics that are graphic in nature. We prefer them on long fics as well. If you don't include a cut the mods may ask you to edit your post to include one. Graphic fics that are uncut will be deleted. You may repost with a cut if you wish.

If you want to post a fic for an older prompt, feel free! There's no time limit, just mention which prompt you're using so folks can go back and take a look if they want. Older prompts will be placed in the memories for quick and easy access.

I think that's all the info you'll need to get started here. So come on in and enjoy!

If you write slash and you're interested in some constructive criticism on your work, stop by and check out slashcrit.