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Title: Apartment
Author: Steffox
Rating: PG-13 for some bad words and images.
Summary or intro paragraph or two: Response to prompt #53, written in 10 minutes.
My first try here... I'd like to say hi and thank you so much for the prompts, I need them badly. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I saw that cat. That stupid blasted cat. I picked up the baseball bat and shook Mrs. Jones’ grey matter off of it.
The cat is the one that started it all, really.
It was a big black cat, one of those you typically find in witch’s tales, the ones with big yellow eyes and eternally slitted pupils.
When I moved into this apartment complex it was under the assumption that the rest of the tenants would stick to the no pets rule as much as I had.
My poor turtle.
But the third day after I moved in I saw that blasted demon cat strolling happily on Mrs. Jones’ window sill.
Well that just didn’t seem fair. I had to get rid of my turtle and this old hag gets to keep her cat?
I had dealt with Mrs. Jones already. Her and her stupid stackable recycling bin. She always left it in the middle of the breezeway on Monday nights for the garbage men to pick up in the morning, and every Monday night I invariably bashed my knees into it before the motion-detecting lights kicked in.
The woman was a blasted nuisance.
And lets not start on that cat, staring at me all day through that window. That stupid blasted animal. Looking at me.
I don’t like people looking at me. It gives me the shivers. It’s even worse when it’s non-people looking at me. Cats.
I lifted the bat and was disappointed to see that Mrs. Jones’ thick skull had dented it.
Just when things couldn’t get worse...
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